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Sunita Satyalpal Speaker Hydrogen Online Conference HOC2021

U.S. DOE National Clean Hydrogen Strategy, Roadmap, and More!

Dr. Sunita Satyapal | U.S. Department of Energy | Director, Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office

Sunita Satyapal is the Director of the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office within the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy and is also responsible for coordinating across DOE offices on hydrogen activities. She is responsible for the overall strategy and execution of hydrogen and fuel cell programs, including oversight of more than $1.6 billion in research, development, demonstration, and deployment (RDD&D) activities, as well as staff. She also coordinates more than $9.5 billion in hydrogen activities in partnership across DOE offices and her office has been leading the Interagency Working Group on hydrogen across agencies for nearly two decades.

In addition, Dr. Satyapal coordinates international hydrogen activities as Vice-Chair of the International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy, a partnership among over 20 countries to accelerate progress in hydrogen and serves as the U.S. co-lead for hydrogen efforts within the Clean Energy Ministerial and Mission Innovation.

In her keynote presentation, Sunita will explain the U.S. DOE National Clean Hydrogen Strategy, roadmap and more.

Sunita Satyalpal

Green Hydrogen at Work

Andy Marsh | Plug Power | President and CEO

Andy Marsh is the CEO of Plug Power, the leading manufacturer of fuel cells for material handling. More recently, Plug Power has also become a leader in building an end-to-end green hydrogen ecosystem that addresses every step of operations ranging from green hydrogen production to hydrogen transport, hydrogen storage and hydrogen use. 

In his presentation, Andy will explain their integrated approach to the hydrogen industry, “Green Hydrogen at Work”. 

Sunita Satyalpal

A U.S. National Hydrogen Mobility Strategy

Bill Elrick | Hydrogen Fuel Cell Partnership | Executive Director

Bill Elrick has been the Executive Director and Technical Program Director at the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Partnership (formerly known as California Fuel Cell Partnership) for 15 years. The work of his organization has been pivotal for the deployment of the hydrogen infrastructure and fuel cell vehicles in California.  

In September 2022, CaFCP has become a national organization and launched a national hydrogen mobility strategy that focuses on building a hydrogen fueling network across the U.S. for heavy-duty trucks, enabling links between ports, hydrogen hubs and more. 

In his keynote presentation, Bill will explain the national hydrogen mobility strategy and how it can be implemented thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act.

Sunita Satyalpal

Hydrogen ecosystems – A New Zealand Case Study

Andrew Clennett | Hiringa Energy Ltd | Co-Founder and CEO

Andrew Clennett is the CEO of Hiringa Energy and a board member of Hydrogen New Zealand. Hiringa Energy is the leading zero emission green hydrogen company in New Zealand, aiming to decarbonize transport and industry. Currently, Hiringa Energy is developing a hydrogen refueling infrastructure for passenger cars and trucks around Auckland. 

In his keynote presentation, Andrew will show the status of the hydrogen projects of Hiringa Energy and other hydrogen projects in New Zealand. 

Sunita Satyalpal

Hyundai Motor Company’s Fuel Cell Business

Ronald Grasman | Hyundai Motor Company | Vice President, Head of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Business Development Team

Ronald joined Hyundai Motor Company in 2020 as Vice President and Head of the Fuel Cell Business Development Team. He is a veteran with over 25 years of experience in the automotive industry, with various engineering and management experience in Europe, Asia and North America. Since 2007 he has been focusing on the transition to electric mobility with battery and fuel cell electric vehicles and creating partnerships for the necessary electric/hydrogen infrastructures. Before joining Hyundai, he was responsible at Mercedes-Benz for the development of a holistic e-mobility ecosystem for electric vans.

In his keynote presentation, Ronald will explain Hyundai Motor Company’s Fuel Cell Business.

Sunita Satyalpal

Green Hydrogen Supply Chain from Australia to South Korea

Daniel Kim | ARK ENERGY | CEO

Daniel has more than 20 years’ experience advising on cross-border deals between Asia and Australia across a broad range of industries including renewable energy, natural resources and infrastructure. He is currently the CEO of Ark Energy Corporation, Australian subsidiary of Korea Zinc, which is the largest zinc producer in the world. Previously, Daniel was Queensland Government’s Trade & Investment Commissioner for Korea and based in Seoul for more than 5 years. Prior to that, he had a long career at KPMG in Transactions and Restructuring. Daniel is on the Steering Committees of the Hyzon Global Zero Carbon Alliance and the North Queensland Hydrogen Cluster. He has been a Director of the Australia-Korea Business Council since 2014. Daniel received a Korean Government Minister’s Citation in 2017.

Sunita Satyalpal

Japan’s Energy, Hydrogen and Green Ammonia Policy

Prof. Dr. Hirohisa Uchida | Professor | Tokai University, Japan

The Fukushima nuclear accident was a wake-up call for the Japanese to rethink energy. This event has changed Japan’s energy policy.

The goals are:

  1. Reduction of Nuclear Power Dependence
  2. Acceleration of Introduction of Renewable Energy
  3. Change in Industrial Policy towards Realization of Hydrogen Society and Carbon Neutrality

This policy is abbreviated as “S+3E Policy” – Safety, Energy Security, Economic Revitalization and Environmental Protection

In his keynote presentation, Prof. Dr. Hirohisa Uchida, Distinguished Professor, Tokai University, will give an overview of Japan’s Energy, Hydrogen and Green Ammonia Policy, showcase best practice, potential supply chains and trade routes and explain the value chain for green ammonia in Japan and southeast Asia and Australia.

Sunita Satyalpal

Hydrogen Market Development between China and Germany

Robert Herzner | GERMANY TRADE & INVEST | China Director

Robert Herzner is the China Director of Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI), a state-owned company that helps international companies set up business in Germany – free of charge.  

With 15+ years of experience in China, Robert is an expert for connecting people and companies across countries and cultures.  

In his keynote presentation, Robert will showcase common business cases for Chinese and German companies in the hydrogen industry and explain how international companies can profit from the hydrogen-friendly policies and funding in Germany. 

GTAI will also have a Showroom at Hydrogen Online Conference and will be available for free consulting.

Sunita Satyalpal

Hydrogen – The Cheese of the Energy Transition

Dr. Katsuhiko Hirose | HyWealth Co., CEO | Kyushu University, Professor

Prof. Dr. Katsuhiko Hirose has been an engineer and vice president at Toyota Motor Corporation for 39 years, and he is called one of the “fathers” of the Prius and the Mirai. Currently, he is a Visiting Professor at Kyushu University and the CEO and Chief Consultant at HyWealth CO.

He is famous for describing hydrogen as the “cheese of the energy transition” – comparing it to the process of transforming milk into something storable and transportable that adds value.

In his presentation, Hirose-san will explain what the benefits of hydrogen are compared to “pure” electricity and how it can contribute to create a peaceful, sustainable and happier society.

The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session.

Sunita Satyalpal

Green Hydrogen and Energy Diplomacy in Ukraine

Oleksandr Riepkin | Ukrainian Hydrogen Council | President

Oleksandr Riepkin is the President of the Ukrainian Hydrogen Council and a Strategy Advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, responsible for energy diplomacy with the EU. His current responsibilities include the Ukrainian Hydrogen Strategy and ways to produce clean energy in Ukraine and sell it to Europe. 

In his presentation, Oleksandr will show how renewable energy and hydrogen can contribute to peace and how Ukraine can become a hydrogen hub for Europe.

Sunita Satyalpal

Funding the hydrogen economy

Amir Sharifi | Hy24 | Chief Investment Officer

Amir Sharifi is the Chief Investment Officer of Hy24, the world’s largest investment platform dedicated to clean hydrogen managing the first-of-its-kind Fund: The Clean H2 Infra Fund. He initiated Hy24 as Energy Transition Lead of Ardian, a world-leading private investment house ($125bn of Assets Under Management).

In his presentation, Amir will talk about funding of the hydrogen economy.

Sunita Satyalpal

125 million clean kilometers – learnings and opportunities

Audrey Ma | REFIRE | VP International Markets

Audrey Ma is a Vice President at Refire Group in Shanghai, responsible for scaling up the international business of the largest fuel cell systems manufacturer in China.  

Refire has supplied fuel cell systems to more than 50% of the fuel cell vehicles in China and supported the integration in 118 different vehicles ranging from passenger cars to busses and trucks.  

In her presentation, Audrey will showcase the fuel cell systems and highlight the impressive roll-out of both infrastructure and vehicles in China. 

Sunita Satyalpal

Yesterday’s Wind – Today’s Fuel

Jacob Krogsgaard | Everfuel | CEO

Jacob Krogsgaard is the CEO of Everfuel, leading the way to commercialize hydrogen fuel and PtX. Before co-founding Everfuel, Jacob was a SVP at Nel Hydrogen, where he was responsible for the hydrogen refueling station business. 

Everfuel, based in Denmark, is currently building and operating 13 hydrogen refueling stations and several electrolyzers with up to 20 MW. 

In his keynote presentation, Jacob will explain why he believes that yesterday’s wind will be today’s optimal fuel – and what is needed to make it happen. 

Sunita Satyalpal

Scaling up hydrogen refueling infrastructure

Adamo Screnci | Hydrogen Refueling Solutions | Board Member – Director

Adamo Screnci is a Board Member and Director at Hydrogen Refueling Solutions, the Chair of the Working Group Mobility at Hydrogen Europe, a Board Member at Dii Desert Energy and a Member of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance. 

Before joining HRS, Adamo was a VP at TotalEnergies, ThyssenKrupp and AirLiquide and a Co-Founder of McPhy. 

In his keynote presentation, Adamo will explain how to scale up hydrogen refueling stations in France and in the rest of Europe and what policies and regulatory framework is needed to make it happen.

Sunita Satyalpal

SOFCs for Power and Heat

Marcus Spickermann | Robert Bosch GmbH | SVP – Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Program

Marcus heads the stationary Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) program with a focus on “Customer and Market Excellence” at Robert Bosch GmbH.

In his previous positions, he always had a strong focus on environmental friendly mobility and is now concentrating on sustainable energy supply at Bosch. With his expertise in building and scaling business models, he defines the go-to-market of the stationary SOFC to shape the transformation towards a green energy supply for people, cities and industries.

Sunita Satyalpal

Hydrogen storage solutions for infrastructure & mobility

Morten Holum | Hexagon Purus | CEO

Hexagon Purus is one of the world’s leaders in hydrogen storage – and a SILVER Sponsor of Hydrogen Online Conference 2022.

Products Hexagon Purus supplies include high pressure Type IV cylinders, hydrogen storage systems, hydrogen distribution systems, liquid hydrogen tank systems and battery systems for commercial vehicles.

In his keynote presentation, Hexagon Purus CEO Morten Holum will explain their perspective on a growing zero emission vehicle market, on stationary energy storage, hydrogen infrastructure, trucks, busses, trains, maritime applications and the decarbonization policy both in the EU and in the US.

The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session, and the Hexagon Purus team will be available for an additional Q&A session in their showroom after the presentation.

Sunita Satyalpal

LOHC for Hydrogen Storage and Transport

Dr. Daniel Teichmann | Hydrogenious LOHC | CEO

Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers (LOHC) are a way of storing hydrogen in a chemical compound that has similar properties like diesel. LOHC can be stored and transported like any other organic chemical and is therefore considered an ideal storage method for long term storage or e.g. intercontinental shipping.

In this keynote presentation, Hydrogenious CEO and Co-Founder Daniel Teichmann will share his vision of the hydrogen future and explain how LOHC can support international green hydrogen trade, seasonal storage and other very important aspects of the hydrogen economy.

The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session.

Sunita Satyalpal

MAN ES – Decarbonizing the worldwide Shipping Industry

Dr. Uwe Lauber | MAN ES | CEO & CTO

Uwe Lauber is the CEO of MAN Energy Solutions, the world market leader for large-bore gas and diesel engines for marine and stationary applications. MAN Energy Solutions also produces chemical reactors e.g. for methanization and large cryogenic tanks. 

As the largest manufacturer of engines for the maritime industry with a market share of approximately 50%, MAN ES is committed to decarbonization.  

In his keynote presentation, Uwe Lauber will show why eFuels are the only solution for large vessels and that 700 GW of electrolyzers will be needed to produce enough eFuels for the maritime industry. 

Sunita Satyalpal

Infrastructure Development for the Hydrogen Economy

Stefanie Peters | NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP, CEO | Member of the German National Hydrogen Council

Stefanie Peters is CEO of the NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP (NEA), a medium-sized family business with more than 190 years of company history. For almost 100 years, NEA has been successful, among other things, as a leading manufacturer of gas compression systems and especially H2 and H2 mixed gases.

Together with her brother Alexander Peters, Stefanie heads the traditional company from Übach-Palenberg near Aachen, with currently more than 1,200 employees in 10 countries, more than 20 companies and 6 production sites in Germany and the USA, and a consolidated annual turnover of around € 230 million.

Sunita Satyalpal

Converting Existing Natural Gas Infrastructure for Hydrogen and CO2 Operation

Dr. Marcus Brücher | Siemens Energy | Sr. Vice President, Compression

Marcus Brücher is Sr. Vice President of Compression for Siemens Energy leading a global team of more than 4,800 employees, providing reciprocating and turbo compressor solutions and services to customers, worldwide.

With over 20 years of experience in senior roles, his professional background has principally been in manufacturing and project execution of turbomachinery equipment for the oil & gas and power generation industries.

Marcus will talk about opportunities and challenges in converting existing natural gas infrastructure for hydrogen and CO2 operation.

Sunita Satyalpal

Research and innovation (R&I) funding for the Hydrogen Industry in Europe

Bart Biebuyck | Clean Hydrogen Partnership | Executive Director

The Clean Hydrogen Partnership (formerly known as FCH-JU) is the most important EU-institutional Public-Private Partnership of the hydrogen industry in Europe. It has been pivotal in the development of a EU-wide EU Hydrogen Strategy (launched in July 2020), the development of H2 Valleys, the REpowerEU initiative and the EU hydrogen bank.

In this keynote presentation, Bart Biebuyck, Executive Director of the Clean Hydrogen Partnership, will explain the Clean Hydrogen JU Programme, the Research and Innovation priorities of the € 2.4bn EU funded program, the 58 hydrogen valleys in Europe, the hydrogen production, distribution, storage, transport and refueling stations projects in the EU, funding schemes for hydrogen trains, airplanes, maritime applications and off-highway vehicles, micro-CHP systems, heating and cooling etc.

As always, you will get the opportunity to ask your questions.

This presentation will be broadcasted live from COP27 in Sharm El Sheik, Egypt.

Prof. Dr. Christopher Hebling Speaker der Hydrogen Online Conference HOC2020

Hydrogen in an Integrated Energy System

Prof. Dr. Christopher Hebling | Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE | Director Division Hydrogen Technologies

Christopher Hebling is the Director of the Division Hydrogen Technologies at Fraunhofer ISE, the most famous renewable energy and hydrogen technology research center in Germany, and a Honorary Professor at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.  

With his team of 100+ scientists, engineers and students researching fuel cells, electrolyzers and synthetic fuels, Christopher has made groundbreaking contributions to the worldwide hydrogen industry and clean energy policies in Germany and Europe. 

In his keynote presentation, Christopher will explain why there is no energy transition without hydrogen and what has to be done to make it happen. 

Sunita Satyalpal

Vision and Actions for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Global Economy: An IPHE Perspective

Noé van Hulst | International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy (IPHE) | Chair

Noé van Hulst is the Chair of the International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy (IPHE), a Special Advisor Hydrogen for the International Energy Agency (IEA), International Hydrogen Advisor for Gasunie and a Senior Fellow at the Clingendael International Energy Program. 

With more than 40 years of experience in the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs, the International Energy Agency, the International Energy Forum and the Energy Academy Europe, Noé is one of the most distinguished experts for energy policy and international cooperation. 

In his keynote presentation, Noé will explain what policies and rules are needed to trade hydrogen internationally, where we are at the moment and what needs to be done to make hydrogen an energy carrier that is traded globally. 

Sunita Satyalpal

Hydrogen in Africa

Dr. Innocent Uwuijaren | African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP) | Chairman

Dr. Uwuijaren is the Chairman of the AHP and co-founder of Cheranna Energy, a UK based company, headquartered in Aberdeen and specialises in technology for developing green energy. Cheranna Energy works with Ecosystem partners (industry, academics), to develop technology for harnessing cheaper green hydrogen at the source and transporting/distributing it to end-users.

Dr Uwuijaren has over 22 years working experience in the energy sector as an engineer incl. top management position as Director of Technology.

Sunita Satyalpal

The 1GW Green Hydrogen Production Plant

Jaco Reijerkerk | ekinetix | Commercial Director

Everybody is announcing very large, gigawatt-scale green hydrogen production plants. However, such as plant has never been built.

What will it look like? Will it use PEM electrolyzers or alkaline electrolyzers? What are the economies of scale? What will it cost be on the CAPEX and OPEX side? What is needed to build such a large hydrogen production facility?

In this keynote presentation, Jaco Reijerkerk, Commercial Director of Ekinetix (NL) will showcase a case study on a Gigawatt Green Hydrogen Production Plant, explain the layout, the technology and the cost.

Jaco has 20+ years of hydrogen experience, including 14 years with Linde and four years as a leader of Codes&Standards committees on hydrogen in the Netherlands.

After the presentation, Jaco will be available for an additional Q&A session in the Ekinetix showroom.

Sunita Satyalpal

Hydrogen in the UK

Celia Greaves | UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association | CEO

UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association is the leading UK hydrogen trade group with over 100 members.

According to UK HFCA, the UK is the number one country in Europe for renewable energy investments. More than a dozen large-scale projects are either ongoing or set to start in the coming years, including H2 Teeside, Gigastack and Hy4Heat.

In her keynote presentation, UK HFCA CEO Celia Greaves will talk about current hydrogen projects in the UK in mobility, industry, heating, off-road transport and explain, how the UK will get to 2030.

Sunita Satyalpal

Fuel Cell Trucks are the Future

Michael Lohscheller | Nikola Corporation | President and CEO

Nikola has been a hydrogen truck pioneer since 2014. The TRE, developed together with Iveco, is the first production fuel cell truck that is available. It has 645 horsepowers, 800km of range and refuels in 20 minutes.

In this keynote presentation, Nikola President Michael Lohscheller – former Executive Vice President and CFO of Volkswagen Group of America and CEO of Opel  – will give an update on Nikola’s activities, share details on the truck and give an outlook on the truck production in the coming years.

Sunita Satyalpal

Fuel Cell Systems Optimized for Trucks

Prof. Dr. Christian Mohrdieck | cellcentric | Chief Commercial Officer

Christian Mohrdieck is the Chief Commercial Officer of Cellcentric, a Daimler Truck and Volvo Group joint-venture focused on the development of fuel cell systems for trucks. 

Christian has 23 years of hydrogen experience, having led the fuel cell development team of Daimler and several joint ventures in the past.  

In his keynote presentation, Christian will present the new fuel cell system for trucks and their plans for the fuel cell gigafactory in Weilheim, Germany. 

Sunita Satyalpal

Power-to-X Projects in Chile – 2022 Update

Hans Kulenkampff | H2Chile, President | HINICIO, Head of Latin America

Chile is the country with the lowest green hydrogen production cost in the world according to studies from Hydrogen Council, McKinsey and others. H2 Chile, the Chilean Hydrogen Association with 135+ members, is the umbrella organization for the hydrogen industry and supporting the project development pipeline and policy development.

In this keynote presentation, Hans Kulenkampff, President of H2 Chile will share an update of the Power-to-X Projects in Chile, of the abundant and competitive renewable energy landscape, the current hydrogen policy and explain what companies can do to profit from Chile’s unique position in the renewables market.

Sunita Satyalpal

Fuel Cell Everything

Jackie Birdsall | Toyota North America | Senior Engineering Manager

Jacquelyn Birdsall is the Senior Engineering Manager of the Fuel Cell Integration Group at Toyota Motor North America Research and Development. The mission of her group is to improve quality of life by developing fuel cell solutions to replace gasoline and diesel engines.

Birdsall specializes in hydrogen infrastructure, high pressure hydrogen systems and associated standards and regulations. She also serves as a technical spokesperson for the Toyota Mirai and has been in numerous publications including Car and Driver and the Wall Street Journal.

Prior to joining Toyota in 2012 Birdsall held several roles in the automotive industry. She has over seventeen years of experience in hydrogen, including a thirteen-month assignment at the Toyota Motor Corporation Global Headquarters in Japan working on the 2021 Toyota Mirai.

In addition to her activities in hydrogen, Birdsall takes personal interest in promoting STEM learning and diversity within the industry. In 2015 she was honored by the Manufacturing Institute as an Emerging Leader and by Automotive News as Rising Star.

Birdsall received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kettering University (previously General Motors Institute).