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HOC 2020 Collection

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FCH-JU a successful European public private partnership on hydrogen

Speaker: Bart Biebuyck | Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU)

Bart Biebuyck is Executive Director of the FCH JU – the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking. The goal of FCH JU is to facilitate the use of hydrogen and fuel cells in Europe. Bart has worked at FCH JU since 2016 following time as a Technical Senior Manager at Toyota Motor Europe.

Fuel Cell Electric Everything

Speaker: Jackie Birdsall | Toyota North America, Senior Engineer

Learn more about Toyota’s vision for the fuel cell electric future as part of our overall goal to reduce CO2 emissions and drive all electric.

Jacquelyn Birdsall is a Senior Engineer in the Fuel Cell Development Department of Toyota Motor North America Research and Development specializing in hydrogen infrastructure, high-pressure hydrogen systems and associated standards and regulations.

German Energy Agency | Exclusive study preview: Green Hydrogen Products & Future Global Markets

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Christian Breyer |  LUT University, Global Alliance Powerfuels partner

A presentation of the results of the first global modeling study to include hydrogen and derived products (powerfuels) in a fully renewable global energy system in 2050. This is the first exclusive international preview of this joint study developed by LUT University and commissioned by the Global Alliance Powerfuels (an initiative of the German Energy Agency).


The European Hydrogen Strategy – How to implement?

Speaker: Jorgo Chatzimarkakis | Hydrogen Europe, Secretary General

The European hydrogen strategy was launched on July 8 and proposes to deliver by 2024 one million tons of renewably produced hydrogen. Commission President Ursula von der Leyen described in her State of the Union address how this would be put into practice: “I want NextGenerationEU to create new European Hydrogen Valleys to modernise our industries, power our vehicles and bring new life to rural areas.“ The European Clean Hydrogen Alliance (ECH2A) is the instrument to engineer projects and to take decisions even before a legal basis allows a framework of clear expectation.


California’s Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Market: From Initial Launch to Market Expansion

Speaker: Bill Elrick | California Fuel Cell Partnership, Executive Director

Building upon the initial light-duty FCEV market launch, stakeholders are now building upon that success to expand medium and heavy-duty FCEV deployments, establish a sustainable marketplace based on 200 and then 1000 hydrogen stations, integrate hydrogen as an integral part of a 100% renewable energy system and expand activities to other states and regions across North America.


The key role of composite storage systems in hydrogen distribution

Speaker: Hartmut Fehrenbach | Hexagon Purus, Vice President Hydrogen Distribution

An outlook on a possible cost roadmap of composite high-pressure distribution systems from the market leader’s perspective.

The start of a new cycle…

Speaker: Pierre-Etienne Franc | Air Liquide, VP | Hydrogen Council, Co-Secretary

Pierre-Etienne Franc is Vice President of the Hydrogen Energy World Business Unit and joined Air Liquide in 1995. He supervises a broad range of technology businesses and initiatives in the energy and environment sector as well as aeronautics, cryogenics and industrial IT.

Hydrogen and Fuel Cells: Moving from Vision to Mission

Speaker: Ronald Grasman | Hyundai Motor Group, Vice President Global Fuel Cell Cooperation, Fuel Cell Center

Hyundai’s presentation focuses on the necessity to transition from research and demonstration to a real hydrogen economy and the role the company intends to play: With the FCEV Nexo, the ELEC CITY fuel cell bus and the heavy-duty XCient Fuel Cell Truck as well as several non-automotive applications Hyundai has successfully shown that this necessary transition is possible today.

Does it matter who wins the first leg of the hydrogen marathon?

Speaker: David Hart | E4tech, Director

Hydrogen is happening. But which production routes, storage techniques and companies will dominate? It will always be a mix, but positioning now could change a minor role to a big win.

Hydrogen – Between Fundamental Research and the Promise for the Defossilization of the Global Energy System

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Christopher Hebling | Fraunhofer ISE, Director Division Hydrogen Technologies

Prof. Christopher Hebling is Director of the Hydrogen Technologies Division at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE. With a staff of more than 100 scientists and engineers his area of research focuses on PEM fuel cells for mobile applications, PEM water electrolysis and thermochemical catalytic processes to produce synthetic fuels from green hydrogen and CO2. As Director of the Hydrogen Technologies Division at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE and with a staff of more than 100 scientists and engineers Prof. Christopher Hebling focuses research on PEM fuel cells for mobile applications, PEM water electrolysis and thermochemical catalytic processes to produce synthetic fuels from green hydrogen and CO2.

Realising the Australian Hydrogen opportunity

Speaker: James Hetherington | Australian Government, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, National Hydrogen Strategy Team, Director

This presentation will discuss recent Australian developments and the steps Australia is taking to become a major global player in hydrogen.

Hydrogen’s Societal Value: key for the Hydrogen Communication

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Katsuhiko Hirose | HyWealth CO, CEO & Chief Consultant / Kyushu University, WPI visiting Professor

I am happy to see the renewed rise of hydrogen having dedicated myself to hydrogen advocacy in recent years. Hydrogen is gaining increasing attention from industry and governments. Having experienced the rise and fall (and re-rise) of hydrogen both in the past and present, it is a good time to talk about the value of hydrogen for the future.

NEOM HELIOS – Driving Hydrogen Economy into Reality

Speaker: Roland Kaeppner | NEOM, Director of Hydrogen Development

Since October 2019 Roland Kaeppner has been Executive Director Hydrogen at NOEM. He has been working in the field of hydrogen for more than 10 years taking various leadership positions. The companies on his track record are: thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions AG, McPhy Energy SA and Siemens AG.

Accelerating the Energy Transition through Hydrogen Mobility

Speaker: Craig M. Knight | CEO of HYZON Motors Inc, CEO of Horizon Fuel Cell Group 

Craig will talk about the enablers of a wholesale shift from diesel-based commercial mobility to hydrogen fuel cell mobility, and the applications that offer the most compelling economics the soonest.

Advanced SOFC Technology as the solution for commercial vehicles

Speaker: Dr. Sascha Kühn | kraftwerk Inc., CEO

This presentation introduces the aSOFC powertrain for FCEV which will come to market within the next 5 years. A current aSOFC starts in 10 seconds by 10,000 cycles. Our powertrain has the advantages of a simple system concept and a very high overall efficiency and provides a solution for low-cost production.

Hydrogen production and fueling for BIG applications

Speaker: Jon André Løkke | Nel Hydrogen, CEO

One of the advantages of both electrolyzers and hydrogen fueling stations is that they are highly modular. Economies of scale do however play an important role, and at Nel we are now scaling up both the technology solutions as well as our manufacturing capacity to meet the demands of the market, while also taking an active part in defining the fueling standards for new and big applications.

The start of a golden decade toward commercialising fuel cell products 

Speaker: Audrey Ma | Re-Fire Technology Co., Ltd., VP Marketing and BD

Great efforts from across the industry are required to accelerate toward the hydrogen economy. Here is how REFIRE plays a part in contributing to our common goal.

How to reduce friction points to fuel cell technology adoption for heavy duty mobility

Speaker: Nicolas Pocard | Ballard Power Systems, Director Marketing

His presentation will cover key friction points such as price and TCO, hydrogen fuel, vehicle integration for large-scale commercial adoption of fuel cell mobility. He will provide insights on how our industry should address those friction points and what Ballard is doing about it.

Celebrating Hydrogen’s Present and Future in the U.S.

Speaker: Morry Markowitz | Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association, President

Update on U.S. hydrogen economy and policy.

Modularization Concepts for Fuel Cell Engines

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Christian Mohrdieck | Mercedes-Benz Fuel Cell GmbH, CEO | Daimler Truck Fuel Cell GmbH & Co. KG, Chief Knowledge & Commercial Officer

A modular fuel cell approach is presented which is designed to react fast and flexibly to new demands, to reduce cost and to achieve synergies in different fuel cell engines and the multiple use of fuel cell engines in the form of e.g. twin engines for heavy-duty applications as in the Mercedes-Benz GenH2 fuel cell concept truck.

Japan’s policy and activity toward realizing hydrogen based society

Speaker: Eiji Ohira | New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), Director

The presentation shows the challenge faced by Japan in its quest to create a hydrogen-based society including up-to-date policy, market information and RD&D activities. To tackle several social agendas such as energy security and climate change, the government of Japan has been strongly promoting activity that aims to realize a hydrogen-based society.

The role of Norway in the hydrogen sphere

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Bruno G. Pollet | NTNU Team Hydrogen, Leader & IAHE – Green Hydrogen Division, President

The Norwegian Hydrogen Strategy, published in June 2020 [1], clearly highlights great opportunities for the Norwegian industry in this growing and profitable market as well as the country’s potential in domestic and export markets with value creation along the entire hydrogen value chain.

From today to tomorrow: A potential roadmap for heavy truck fueling

Speaker: Dr. Werner Ponikwar | Linde Hydrogen FuelTech GmbH, Managing Director

The challenge of heavy-duty hydrogen fueling technologies and a potential roadmap for overcoming difficulties as the industry moves forward.

U.S. Department of Energy Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Perspectives

Speaker: Sunita Satyapal | U.S. Department of Energy, Director

Hydrogen and fuel cells are emerging, versatile examples within a portfolio of advanced and sustainable energy options. Dr. Sunita Satyapal will provide an overview of hydrogen and fuel cell research, development and demonstration activities led by the DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), including the H2@Scale initiative. H2@Scale envisions affordable hydrogen production, storage, distribution and use across multiple applications.

Taking the Truck out of the Carbon Equation: Deep Dive into Alpha Fuel Cell Truck Prototype Nikola Two & More

Speaker: Jesse Schneider | Nikola Motor Company, EVP Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technology

Nikola Motor along with large Tier 1 suppliers built the Nikola Two Alpha FCET (Fuel Cell Electric Truck) prototype for testing and demonstration in 2019. The Nikola Two FCET was also test-driven in extreme conditions for the fuel cell hybrid in Arizona as well as the first beer delivery for Annheuser Busch on public roads.

Large-scale electrolysis – precondition for the global decarbonization

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Armin Schnettler | Siemens Energy, EVP New Energy Business

To drive decarbonization in all sectors, it is essential to cover the whole hydrogen value chain: from planning and simulation to integration and operation through standardized large-scale and industrial-grade electrolyzer systems in hydrogen plants. Together with partners, Siemens Energy offers exactly what is needed to achieve the hydrogen economy.

The Hydrogen Economy: Powering our Future

Speaker: Sanjay Shrestha | Plug Power Inc., Chief Strategy Officer

Gone are the days of “talking” – now is the time for action. This presentation will focus on the tremendous efforts that have built the hydrogen economy and the steps that still need to be taken. Sanjay Shrestha will discuss Plug Power’s growth plan in greater detail as he shares his projections for the hydrogen economy from a variety of perspectives. In addition, Sanjay will discuss the evolution of the global green hydrogen sector and explore the uses of hydrogen energy to power a broad range of applications in high-growth markets, such as supply chain and logistics, on-road electric vehicles and stationary power.

Towards Zero Emission – Hydrogen in Germany

Speaker: Kurt-Christoph von Knobelsdorff | NOW GmbH, CEO

Outlook on how hydrogen and fuel cell technologies will be built up in Germany focusing on the national hydrogen strategy and the funding activities of the Federal Government.

#HOC 2020 – Highlights of Part 1

Speaker: David Wenger | Mission Hydrogen GmbH

David Wenger is an entrepreneur, PhD engineer and online marketer. His company helps customers on five continents take their products and services to a whole new level. Through his creativity and his ability to think “out of the box,” he has made Wenger Engineering GmbH a worldwide-recognized partner of companies such as Daimler, Bosch, Toyota, Honda, Airbus, NEC and Canon as well as start-ups in Silicon Valley. In addition to his entrepreneurial activities, he advises other entrepreneurs in the areas of product and company strategy. His focus is on renewable energies, electromobility and hydrogen technology. 

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