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AFPT GmbH’s activities focus on the mastery of the production of fibre-reinforced thermoplastic products using lasers as a heating source. (Go to website)

APL Automobil-Prüftechnik Landau GmbH

APL – passion becomes drive since 1989

APL is shaping tomorrow’s mobility with 1800 highly skilled employees, latest simulation tools and more than 320 test benches. Our new fuel cell and hydrogen combustion engine test facility is targeting zero-emission „acceleration“ in January 2022. (Go to website)

Ashcroft Inc.

Ashcroft Inc. is a leading manufacturer of pressure and temperature instruments that include gauges, transducers/transmitters, thermometers, rtd/thermocouples, switches, isolators and calibration equipment. Used for measurement, monitoring and control, Ashcroft products satisfy an important role and contain a portfolio of specifically-designed models for hydrogen applications. Product brands include Ashcroft®, Heise® and Weksler®. The company’s website can be accessed at www.ashcroft.com. (Go to website)

Ballard Power Systems

Ballard is a world leader in the design, development, manufacture, sale and servicing of PEM fuel cells. Ballard’s zero-emission solutions bring compelling value propositions to end users in markets such as heavy duty motive to material handling, critical infrastructure, rail and marine applications. (Go to website)

Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG

Beckhoff implements open automation systems based on PC Control technology. The product range covers Industrial PCs, I/O and Fieldbus Components, Drive Technology and automation software. Products that can be used as separate components or integrated into a complete and seamless control system are available for all industries. The Beckhoff “New Automation Technology” philosophy represents universal and open control and automation solutions that are used worldwide. (Go to website)

Burckhardt Compression

Burckhardt Compression is a worldwide market leader for reciprocating compressor systems. We develop reliable, high-performance compression solutions in a true partnership with our customers, combining profound engineering expertise and the strongest product portfolio in the industry. The comprehensive H2 compressor portfolio includes diaphragm compressors for lower flows and reliable oil-free high-pressure piston compressors for higher flows, meeting the needs of various H2 applications, such as trailer filling and fuel stations. (Go to website)

California Fuel Cell Partnership

The California Fuel Cell Partnership is an industry/government collaboration aimed at expanding the market for fuel cell electric vehicles powered by hydrogen to help create a cleaner, more energy-diverse future with no-compromises zero emission vehicles. (Go to website)

Chart Industries

Through our deep cryogenic expertise and proven track record of delivering storage and distribution solutions for a huge range of liquefied gases, including Hydrogen, Chart is your ideal project partner for on-site Hydrogen storage, its distribution by road, sea and rail and for fueling vehicles.  (Go to website)

Coatema® Coating Machinery GmbH

Coatema is active in the Hydrogen market for 20 years, supplying equipment for production of MEA, coating and hot pressing for PEM electrolysis products in all different scales. Coatema has established itself as a partner for Lab2Fab upscaling process expertise to the industry and R&D. (Go to website)

Dräger Safety AG & Co. KGaA

Dräger is an international leader in the fields of medical and safety technology. Since 1889, Dräger products and services protect, support and save lives. No matter your industry, our focus is to keep you safe on the job. (Go to website)

EKPO Fuel Cell Technologies GmbH

EKPO Fuel Cell Technologies (EKPO) is a leading joint venture in the field of development and large-scale production of fuel cell stacks for CO2-neutral mobility. We are a full-service supplier for stack modules and components that are used in the automotive sector as well as in rail and marine applications. (Go to website)

Eltek Group

Eltek Group, founded in 1979 by Mr. Luigi Sassone, has over 40 years of experience in research, design, development and production of advanced automotive mechatronics solutions.
Eltek is continuously improving its product range with breakthrough technologies for SCR and Fuel Cell application. (Go to website)

Eugen Seitz AG

Eugen Seitz AG is a family-owned swiss company with 60+ years of history. Since 1958 we have been developing, producing and distributing premium valve technology for high demanding applications all over the world. Get in contact with our global Sales and Engineering Team to discuss your application. (Go to website)

Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE

Fraunhofer ISE is the largest solar energy research institute in Europe, committed to sustainable energy supply systems based on renewable energies. In the business area Hydrogen Technologies, we offer R&D services addressing the generation, conversion and further thermo-chemical processing of Hydrogen. (Go to website)

Freudenberg FST - HOC 2021 Exhibitor

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is broadening its fuel cell expertise and applying it to the development of battery-fuel cell hybrid drivetrains capable of powering heavy industry and commercial transportation vehicles across challenging terrain and long distances. An entire portfolio of E-Mobility components for both automotive and commercial industry applications insures that Freudenberg customers are receiving state-of-the-art solutions for their alternate energy needs. (Go to website)

Fronius International

Fronius International is a family-owned company with headquarters in Austria. Founded by Günter Fronius in 1945, this long-standing company has grown into a global player with more than 5440 employees worldwide working in the areas of welding technology, photovoltaics and battery charging systems. (Go to website)


GenCell’s ultra-reliable alkaline fuel cell solutions offer affordable, clean power for humanity to render diesel generators obsolete.  Our backup solutions power mission-critical applications and primary power solutions fueled by ammonia run off-grid & poor-grid telecom and rural electrification. (Go to website)


Gore applies­­­ its material science expertise to solve challenges in the worldwide automotive industry. With a 30-year commitment to innovation and technical capability, Gore develops solutions to improve performance in future generation vehicles including the most critical fuel cell applications. (Go to website)

Gräbener Maschinentechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Based on the core competences forming, cutting and welding Graebener® has been among the leading developers of manufacturing technology for the production of bipolar plates for about 20 years. We realize customized solutions from engineering and application lab services up to scalable production lines. (Go to website)

HAMAI - Exhibitor Hydrogen Online Conference 2021


Based on more than 90 years of experience in the valve business, we have developed the equipment for hydrogen fuel cell applications by our sophisticated high-pressure gas valve technology. When it comes to high-pressure hydrogen products for fuel cell application, we are the answer. (Go to website)

Hexagon Purus

Hexagon Purus, a Hexagon Composites company, enables zero emission mobility for a cleaner energy future. Hexagon Purus is a world leading provider of Hydrogen Type 4 high-pressure cylinders, complete vehicle systems and battery packs for fuel cell electric and battery electric vehicles (FCEV and BEV) including hybrid mobility applications on light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles, transit buses, ground storage, distribution, marine, rail, aerospace and backup power solutions. (Go to website)


Hexion is a global leader in specialty chemicals strong in technology innovation, applications expertise, and personalized service. Light weighting is important to us to save energy and reduce emissions. We are helping you make it in today’s world. We are responsible chemistry. (Go to website)


H-TEC SYSTEMS is a technology leader with more than 20 years of experience in the proton exchange membrane (PEM) process for conversion of electricity into green Hydrogen. At production sites in Braak and Augsburg, Germany, we are manufacturing PEM stacks and electrolysers in the megawatt class. (Go to website)

Huntsman Advanced Materials

Huntsman Advanced Materials is a leading global supplier of epoxy resin solutions for composite pressure vessels. Our solutions for wet filament winding, towpreg wet winding and RTM processes meet hydrogen storage requirements while enabling efficient manufacturing and increased productivity. (Go to website)

Hyundai Motor Company

Hyundai Motor Company is striving to provide a clean movement to everyone based on the technology that mass-produced world’s first FCEV. We are expanding our role beyond the automotive sector by developing world’s best fuel cell system and building close relationships with global hydrogen partners. (Go to website)

i2s Intelligente Sensorsysteme Dresden GmbH

i2s is a leading specialist in the development and manufacturing of pressure, temperature and combined sensors for the automotive and commercial vehicle industries. Over the past 20 years, one of our key areas was the development of sensor solutions for mobile and stationary hydrogen applications. (Go to website)

Innotest AG – HomePower

HOME POWER develops and implements scalable green hydrogen based energy solutions. For system integrators the swiss company provides key components for safe and easy use on a B2B platform. (Go to website)


We bring 30 years of experience in product development and optimization to the Hydrogen market. From aerospace and rail to innovative energy systems: Creative solutions for mechanical components. Our interdisciplinary team of experts supports you in the development of your products: We speak H2(Go to website)

JUMO GmbH & Co. KG

JUMO is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of industrial sensor and automation technology. The extensive product spectrum from JUMO covers components and system solutions for the measurement, control, recording and analysis of physical and chemical parameters. (Go to website)


KEYOU is a successful clean mobility start-up that develops innovative hydrogen technologies, combustion processes and specific H2 components for engine and vehicle manufacturers, which can be used to transform conventional engines into zero-emission hydrogen engines – without major modifications to the base engine. Hydrogen engines with KEYOU-inside technology can be used both on and off the road and are considered “zero emission” according to EU regulations. (Go to website)


We are LAUDA – The world leader in precise temperature control. Our Constant temperature equipment and Heating and cooling systems are at the heart of many applications. As a full-service provider we guarantee the optimum temperature in research, production and quality control. (Go to website)

Luxfer Gas Cylinders

Luxfer is the global leader in hydrogen fuel storage with over 75 years of expertise in design and manufacture of high-pressure system solutions. Luxfer’s safe, high performance product range is the world’s largest, with regulatory approved fuel tanks allowing cleaner power generation and transport solutions on land, sea and air. (Go to website)


MACEAS is the specialist in leak test technologies. Especially our experience in fully integrated leak tests in production lines is our customer´s benefit. We are focusing on Helium leak testing and Ultrasonic leak tester by means of ultrasound gas bubble detection, also for hydrogen applications. (Go to website)

Mehrer Compression

Mehrer Compression is one of the leading manufacturers of oil-free piston and diaphragm compressors worldwide. For 130 years the company has been setting standards in gas and air compression. Due to its failsafe and efficient compressors, Mehrer is a renowned partner for the process engineering industry, the process gas industry as well as in the energy and environmental sector. Mehrer contributes to further advance sustainable technologies and thus make the energy revolution more tangible. (Go to website)

Mesa Parts GmbH

Mesa Parts is a leading engineering and production partner for complex high precision turned parts and valve assemblies for automotive and medical applications of our global
customers. We have the know-how and an experienced team to industrialize and manufacture the turned parts for your Hydrogen applications. (Go to website)

MSA – The Safety Company

With over 100 years of experience MSA is a modern safety company protecting people, facilities, and the environment. MSA is one of the few suppliers of Hydrogen fixed gas and flame detection technologies, developing and producing a complete range of products, and integrating them as safety solutions. (Go to website)


NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP is the one-stop supplier for integrated solutions along the H2 value chain. The GROUP with its brands and branches actively supports the energy transition to a sustainable hydrogen economy with green gases. The portfolio includes electrolyzers, reformers, piston & diaphragm compressors, the full HRS spectrum and Fuel Cell based mobility & energy solutions and all required services. NEA helps to decarbonize industry, commercial & community applications & the mobility sector. (Go to website)


Norgren, a part of IMI plc, has extensive expertise in hydrogen and high-pressure. Our hydrogen portfolio is complete with a full range fluid and process control solutions. Suitable for storage, compression and dispensing, our products provide leading performance and maximum safety up to 1050 bar. (Go to website)

Nova Werke AG

Nova Swiss is a leading manufacturer of hydrogen high pressure components and systems. We guarantee safety and profitability through selected materials, highly developed surface coatings and highest manufacturing precision. We are proud to be your partner supporting the growing industry of hydrogen mobility. (Go to website)

OPTIMA life science

OPTIMA is your partner for fuel cell production. With innovative machine solutions for the entire value chain – from the roll to the finished stack – we make it easier for you to switch from intermittent, piece-based production to continuous processes with higher outputs. (Go to website)


A Fortune 250 leader in motion and control technologies, Parker manufactures products for 1,000+ markets globally. Our H2 range spans valves, filters, manifolds, fluid controls, high-pressure hoses, connectors and sealing solutions for all hydrogen applications. (Go to website)

RIX Industries

RIX Industries is a technology-focused company specializing in the design, development, and manufacturing of gas generation systems, precision compressor solutions, and cryogenic cooling technologies for applications in Marine, Aerospace, Land, Energy, Industrial, Medical, and Telecom markets. (Go to website)

Roth Composite Machinery

Roth Composite Machinery looks back on over 55 years of experience in the development of Filament Winding and Prepreg-making machinery. With the customized machine concepts and fully automated production lines, customers profit by receiving competition advantages from the certified world market leader. (Go to website)

Schmöle GmbH

CO2-reduction is our standard – Green Hydrogen will become an essential part in solving the energy transition. With development, optimization and production of efficient heat exchangers Schmöle reduces energy requirements in varied H2 applications. Our heart beats for finned tubes & heat exchangers! (Go to website)

Schuler Group

Schuler offers customized cutting-edge technology in all areas of forming—from the networked press to press shop planning. In addition to presses, our products include automation and software solutions, dies, process know-how and service for the entire metalworking industry. (Go to website)

SITEC Industrietechnologie GmbH

SITEC is your partner for the production of bipolar plates for PEM and SOFC fuel cells. We produce prototypes and realize medium up to large scale series production of several million bipolar plates per year or offer you automated production systems for your inhouse production. (Go to website)


Specialist for the manufacture of thermoplastic ultra-high-pressure hoses with spiralized steel-wire reinforcement. Working pressure: 250 to 4,000 bar (5,800 to 58,000 psi). Main industries: Hydrogen, water-blasting, etc. Our product highlights are refueling hose and VFT for Hydrogen applications. (Go to website)


STÖHR has specialized in fittings for gases with emphasis on hydrogen. Cryogenic or ambient media temperature, low heat load, high tightness to environment or excellent flow rate characterize our products comprising highly precise control valves, globe, check and blow-off valves and strainers for installation in valve boxes, vacuum jackets or pipes. (Go to website)

Taconic - Exhibitor HOC 2021


Taconic is the world’s largest manufacturer of PTFE coated glass fabrics, based in Europe & the Americas. 2021 sees our 60th anniversary. Our solutions- based materials are used during the manufacture of the PEM MEAs. We are ready to partner with you to co-design bespoke products to meet your needs. (Go to website)

Taconic - Exhibitor HOC 2021

Teconnex Ltd

With 5 lobal locations we provide standard and bespoke clamps, expansion bellows and tank mounting systems for industrial, automotive and aerospace sectors, often used in high temperature and safety critical systems. Whatever your application, simple or challenging, our Engineers guide you through design, development, validation and into production. (Go to website)

Taconic - Exhibitor HOC 2021


Sensors for pressure, temperature and gas density: Our passion is to innovate and produce the most reliable solutions that empower our customers to operate safe and sustainable systems. Decades of experience and a clear focus allow us to deliver outstanding performance and flawless quality. (Go to website)

Ulsan Free Economic Zone Authority

Ulsan Free Economic Zone Authority opened on January 14, 2021, to serve as the core agency, therefore, transfer Ulsan metropolitan city into the new energy-centered one in Northeast Asia while attracting domestic and foreign companies in the hydrogen industry. (Go to website)

UMOE Advanced Composites

UAC is the global manufacturer of large type IV pressure vessels for hydrogen applications. We improve our clients’ eco-friendliness through use of sustainable composite solutions that contribute to a cleaner environment. Extensive experience enables zero emission on land and at sea. (Go to website)


VAF GmbH is a special machine manufacturer with over 490 employees in the automotive sector. We offer new assembly lines, as well as retrofits and relocations. In the field of e-mobility, we offer solutions for components such as electric motor, battery, fuel cell and hydrogen electrolyser. (Go to website)

Vakuumbehälter- und Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG

VAKO is a specialist for Hydrogen storage vessels up to 350 bars in various sizes and individual designs. We offer solutions for industry, filling stations, electrolyzers and others. 40-years-Hydrogen-experience, VAKO-Recurrent Testing concept and design details make our vessels special and unique. (Go to website)

WEH Gas Technology

For 25 years, we have been developing future-oriented H2 refueling solutions. Pioneering is in our DNA. We strive to meet our customers’ expectations – from design to service. By delivering high-quality, safe and user-friendly products, our goal has grown to become our promise. Whatever your hydrogen need, we have you covered. Our products touch all aspects of the refueling process. From receptacles, check valves and filters for vehicles to fueling nozzles and breakaways for fueling stations. (Go to website)

Wenger Engineering GmbH

Since 2007, Wenger Engineering GmbH has been a globally sought-after simulation and development partner for leading companies in hydrogen technology such as Daimler, Toyota and Linde. If you want to develop and operate a filling station, hydrogen storage or power-to-gas system, talk to us first. (Go to website)

WIKA Alexander Wiegand SE & Co. KG

As a family-run business acting globally, with over 10,000 highly qualified employees, the WIKA group of companies is a worldwide leader in pressure and temperature measurement. The company also sets the standard in the measurement of level, force and flow, and in calibration technology. (Go to website)

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